Landscape matters

Landscape matters is an investigative approach proposing a new way to look at our production system based on the idea that material resources should not be takenfor granted.
Have you ever wondered about the origins of the chair you are sitting on ?
By labeling objects with the informations related to their production context, we can have a better understanding of their essence and therefore re-place a human scale in trades, encouraging local economies and the use of treasured materials. Motivated by the idea that context should inspire a rooted production systems, ‘landscape matters’  aims to trace not only material resources but also the actors behind their processing, collecting stories related to their location as a remote point to grow a network. Using an archetype as a researching tool, the five artefact aim to show how this research attitude can highlight materials diversity, unveiling nearly forgotten resources to later inspire serial production. 

To the core of the object

Those five artefacts are questioning the globalization of materials by using resources available in a restricted area. By tracing material resources and looking for what is available according to a peculiar context and territorial influences, we can start to question our producing system. 

This approach is a simplistic and tangible solution to the mounting problem of global trading. In a very pragmatic way, landscape matters propose a mapping tool to develop a strategy influencing on our production system, re-thinking the way we produce to propose a conceivable solution in a local scale for a global impact.
The labelling system would require manufacturers to outline the production process of each product, thus allowing consumers to make informed decisions on purchasing new goods : a statement to support local economies.  

Also see : the atlas of resources 

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