I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer currently based in Paris.
After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven, I pursued my own practice based on the investigation of manufacturing methods under the subject ‘Landscapes matters’.
With a deep enthusiasm for crafts, cultural and environmental matters as well as for ways of producing, my design practice sits in between contextual research and product design, enhancing the virtue of materials related to their context of production. 
Parallel to my personal practice, I am a freelance designer at Dan Yeffet Design Studio in Paris.

For inquiry or collaborations  you are welcome to contact me at 



    September 2019-2021 Design assitant at Dan Yeffet Design Studio (Paris)

    October 2019 
Dutch Design Week GS19, Eindhoven 
Exhibition of ‘Landscape matters’

    July 2019
Collective exhibition it’s not about efficiency TAC2STAY festival
Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven - The Netherlands

    June 2019
Pli Workshop Prize, pre-selection

Internship at 75W, Design Assitant (Berlin)

Internship at Mikiya Kobayashi Studio, Design assistant (Tokyo)

Bachelor of Arts and Design
Design Academy Eindhoven
Department Man & Well-Being tutored by studio FormaFantasma and Ilse Crawford
Eindhoven - The Netherlands

ENSCI Les ateliers
Exchange program in industrial design tutored by Stephane Villard
Paris - France

BTS Industrial Design
ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres
Paris - France

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