In praise of slowness : reviving the ‘Diable’

« In praise of slowness» highlights the implicit quality of the ordinary by bringing back traditional cooking methods in our kitchens.
The « diable » is a traditional cookware formerly used to roast coffee and cook potatoes with the dry-steam te chnic - a method which has been gradually forgotten over time.
This new version introduces three cookery utensils enabling to dry steam, steam, infuse, cook with a bain marie, smoke or roast, valorizingthe natural quality of each ingredient while broadening the Diable’s functionality. The slow cooking process preserves the vegetables's vitamines, nutrients and color while developing their aromas without adding oil neither water.
Anchored in the context of Digoin’s French manufacture, whose passing-on a savoir-faire by producing households since 1875, it aims to draw attention on the stories, technic and heritage behind man-made objects. Through the act of preparing, taking time, transforming and preserving, by giving an alternative toplastics, this stoneware set aims to encourage an eco-sentisitive thinking and facilitate sustainable ways of living.

Highlighting a local craft

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