The comfort of temperature

« La chauffeuse » or heating brick is the ancestor of our hot water bottle.
Temperature is an intimate experience. As we can face discomfort feeling too cold or too warm, the brick offers the possibility to regulate it thanks to the natural quality of stoneware.
By sustaining the simplicity of natural temperature regulation, the brick is an essential yet quiet object answering one of our most fundamental need.

A reflexion on legacy


“When technology changes the structure of our world, the aesthetic values that have accumulated in our environment are often victimized. The world, armed with economy and technology, pushes ahead, but the long-nurtured aesthetic of our daily life, overpowered by the intensity of the transformation, lets out a continual scream. In a situation like thus, might it be more important to listen to the cries and face the delicate values that are about to be dissipated in the whirling change (...) constantly pushing the era forward isn’t always progress. We stand between the future and the past. I wonder if we could discover a key to our creativity not in that far-off target at which all of society stares so intensly, but rather in the extension of a vision that looks right through society from the past. The future lies ahead of us, but behind us there is also a great accumulation of history - a resource for imagination and creativity”
Kenya Hara on the topic ‘what is Design’ in Designing Design