Paper Paradigm

Based on the most simple structural elements, 'Paper Paradigm' explores the essence of paper through a collection of modular space partitions.
In a context where communal spaces and immaterial matters are taking more and more importance, the haptic quality of paper can bring the ‘senseware’ back to our surrounding. Often referred to as a daily life medium playing a prominent role in printing, the essence of paper is beyond this nature. Indeed, it always has stimulated and inspired the creation and development of cultures. Paper awakens the world, triggering our finest senses. Its subtle variations in shades and colors change throughout daylight and seasons, metamorphosing over time.
Paper paradigm is an exploration on the paper’s essential qualities, aiming to capture its allure within a contemporary context. By creating flexible walls playing on lightness and tension, it shows the future possibilities of European paper production, arising new horizons.

I A polymorphic matter

Paper has always been a vehicle in the exchanges of ideas. It is a daily life material, taken for granted in its different shapes : from the recycled, the mass-produced, to the most luxurious applications. Its whiteness and resiliency inspire our creativity and foster our imagination. I believe paper can frame, unveil, reveal, and invite us to have a new look on our daily environment. Emphatically, paper triggers our finest senses to recognize the subtle variations on thicknesses, translucency, texture, lights and shadows.

II Paper is senseware

Paper has long been used in eastern societies as an architectural element.
It enables to highlight the changes throughout days and seasons, transforming the atmosphere of one space over time.

A wall could appeal as a membrane. In an ever fast changing society where communal spaces are taking more and more importance, the versatile quality of paper can enable to create a space of intimacy and privacy, where we would suddenly find ourselves whispering, moving more delicately, with a better awareness of our surrounding.
Through its play with light and shadows, the gentle softness and the paradox of a light partition, palpable yet fragile and ephemeral, the application of paper indoor can play a role in our daily experience of one space. Paper paradigm blurs the borders between public and private and stands as an ode to taking time over contemplation.

︎this project is supported by Fedrigoni-Fabriano&the paper factory