Landscape matters Ch.02, An atlas of ressources 

Landscape matters is an investigation in the topic of our production system, articulated around a ︎︎︎manifesto, a mapping tool and ︎︎︎five archetypes.

This research attitude aims the stand against the depersonalization of trades by creating an atlas of resources. 
There is an extraordinary material diversity worldwide, an expression of our territory. The globalization of trades has led to the uniformazation of materials used in industry, leading to a loss of material diversity and savoir faire : a depersonalization of locality. This investigation aims to re-place human scale and territories at the center of our production processes, proposing a tool to identify resources and makers locally.

Landscape matters aims at the creation of a new atlas to navigate through geographies and highlight the diversity of materials related to their geographical context. By using a resource produced locally, we can create a rooted design, with a better understanding of the production impact on our landscapes.

Looking at what is available in a restricted perimeter includes the idea of sustaining local and circular economies, using the knowledge available on one specific area. Thanks to the power of slow change, we can stimulate the creational better goods with higher creative content & stronger emphasis on quality, associating the man made with industrial production. We have to think about a new way to look at our history and rethink ancestral knowledge, discarding the nostalgic western notion of the exotic in order to shape a rooted human and smart design for the future. In that matter, it is not the local but the located that finds its importance in order to re-capture the human dimension in economic patterns.

prototype of a mapping tool, 2019-2020

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