Landscape matters Ch.01, Archetypes

Landscape matters is an investigation in the topic of our production system, articulated around a ︎︎︎manifesto, a ︎︎︎mapping tool and five archetypes.

The project adresses the topic through multiple perspectives in order to provide on a platform for reflection.The goal is to mediate a reflection on our production cycle in order to consider how design could be an important agent in developing a more responsible use of natural resources.

Motivated by the idea that context should inspire a rooted production systems, ‘landscape matters’ aims to trace not only material resources but also the actors behind their processing, discarting the depersonnalization of trades.

Using an archetype as a researching tool, the five artefact aim to show how this research attitude can highlight materials diversity, unveiling nearly forgotten resources to inspire serial production.
By creating a simplistic shape, the stool can be reproduced all over the world according to the most relevant ressource available in a restricted perimeter. A label identifies the components of the object : where the resource has been scavenged and transformed, giving a full transparency about the people and territory laying behind its processing.

The labelling system would require manufacturers to outline the production process of each product, thus allowing consumers to make informed decisions on purchasing new goods : a statement to support local economies and reduce ecologogical footprint. 

Sopported by CMF stones Inc.
Five stools, tinted oak, rattan, Dutch rush, Arundo Donax, Limestone ‘petit granit’, limestone ‘Buffon’, 2019
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