Investigating multidisciplinary narratives

Born in 1994 in Burgundy, France, I am a freelance Designer and Illustrator based in Paris.

My practice is at the crossing border between research, art and design. With a peculiar sensibility for the stories that objects withold within their context -carrying on an heritage, a savoir faire, a peculiar materiality- , my design approach investigates different mediums to create multi-layered tales.

With a strong emphasis on cultural, historical and poetic matters, I aim to unveil and adress the stories and issues laying behind our objects and manufacturing methods.
Indeed, I believe the role of design is to mediate a conversation. Often refering to an atler-mondialist thinking, I aim to give a voice to the unspoken, using different mediums such as material research, illustration and edition.

As for a general matter, my works are motivated by social and environmental  issues, crafts, beauty of the ordinary and story telling.

You are welcome to get in touch for comissions or collaborations

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October 2019
‘Landscape matters’, 
Dutch DesignWeek GS19
De Campina, Eindhoven - The Netherlands

September 2019 - current situation
Designer at Dan Yeffet Studio 
Paris, France

July 2019
Collective exhibition it’s not about efficiency TAC2STAY festival
Temporary Art Center, 
Eindhoven - The Netherlands 

June 2019 
Pli Workshop Prize, pre-selected

Internship at 75W
Design Assitant,  Berlin - Germany

Internship at Mikiya Kobayashi Studio,
Design assistant, Tokyo - Japan

Internship at Eurosit,
Design assistant, Nevers - France
Illustration Exhibition, Rennes - France 


Bachelor of Arts and Design 
Design Academy Eindhoven
Department Man & Well-Being 
Eindhoven - The Netherlands

ENSCI Les ateliers
Exchange program in product design
Paris - France

BTS Industrial Design 
ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres
Paris - France